Kim Percival
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MEET KIM Percival. She is the most integral member of her clients life team


Kim's story

Before coaching, Kim’s career was as varied as her clients. Her work experience spans start-ups to Fortune 50 organizations with roles in engineering, sales and market development with an MBA from NYU Stern. Her entrepreneurial ventures began when she birthed her first child and claimed the title of ‘mom’ followed closely by her lifestyle photography business.

Currently she runs her high-level, performance & leadership coaching practice, and is an associate with Ontocore, a global coaching firm.

Kim is a demonstration of devotion to deepening relationships, personal growth and a love of learning. She knows that living this work inside the home, with her two girls and her husband Mark, is the most profound and world-changing impact she can ever make.

Kim leads with thoughtful listening, graceful communication, committed partnership and a genuine curiosity that has her clients see what they cannot and get present to possibility. Partnering with Kim is an intimate, committed and distinct relationship focused on outcomes and performance in your life.

She is considered the most integral member of her clients business and life team.

Her coaching has focused on successful leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them live authentically, gain access to their power and bring themselves to life fully. Above all, Kim’s coaching focuses on results; she is experienced as a partner in creating deep personal growth while generating business, financial and relational expansion.